Vad har Abraham Lincoln med scouterna att göra?

Som ni vet är ju Edvin och Alfred med i scouterna. Just nu håller de på att ta märken. Alfred håller på med märket "Communication". För att förtjäna den behöver han ta reda på vad kommunikation är för något och själv prova på många olika tekniker, såsom skriva och hålla ett tal, intervjua någon som han sedan ska presentera som en presumtiv föredragshållare och så vidare. En del är att publicera något på nätet. Därav kommer här, på engelska, lite fakta om en man som intresserar Alfred:
Abraham Lincoln:
I think Abraham Lincoln was an interesting man and do you know why? Because he worked against the slavery and he had an important role in the American civil war, which is an interest of mine. I will write about his childhood, his career and of course his death.
He was born 1809. His dad was a farmer. When Abraham was nine years old his mother died and his older sister tog care of the family. One year later his dad remarried a widow named Sarah Bush Johnston. Abraham was very fond of his stepmother.

When he was a teenager he was working building rail fences and he learned how to use an axe. When he was 22 years old he left home to start his own life.
He started his political career in Illinois. He became a lawyer and married Mary Todd. They got four sons. 1847-1849 he was in the Congress. 1860 he became the 16th president of America. He did not like slavery and worked really hard to banned it from the country. But the southerns states did not agree and 1861 the war started. The war started at Fort Sumter.
In Gettysburg, after the Union won that battle, Lincoln held a very famous speach. It was only two minutes long but changed the history. The speach was simple but poetic and Lincoln reminded everyone that the Declaration of Independence was the founding document of America.
After the war, an actor named John W Booth was angry with the president´s thoughts of slavery. 14 of April 1865 Lincoln went to a theatre. Booth shot him in the head. Lincoln died the next day. He was the first U.S president to be assassinated. Booth was caught and hanged.
Abraham Lincoln is one of the faces at Mount Rushmore.
If you want to know more about Lincoln I have found some webpages for you to look at:

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Mycket intressant och välskrivet!

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